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Reviewer: Anonymous       04-28-2007
Most girls there are stuck up and boring. Realyl a waste of time. Thumbs down.

Reviewer: Anonymous       03-25-2007 is great when looking for that love one in your life.

    I Met a Felon! Beware!
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-01-2005
In 2000 I joined and I met a couple of people. Eventually I ended up seeing one particular man. A year and a half later I am in court testifying against him. The man is a con artist, pathological liar, fraud, and felon. He went to prison but they let him out early. His profile is up again on He is using a 6 year old picture and the information in his profile is completely fraudulent.
I emailed with specific info about his ad, about his wrongdoings, and how to look up his felony listing on the nystate corrections site.
They said they received my email. But his ad is still there! Stay away from They don't care if a convicted felon is using it to find his next woman to scam!

    Good Site
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-01-2005
I felt empowered to be able to search for matches. You can review personality compatibility, a personal writeup, pictures, and even attraction matches. The personality matching works very well. It is nice to be able to browse at one's leisure and have thorough profiles posted with pics. You are in control of what you are looking for and how aggressive you want to be. I think that it is likely one can find what one's looking for given some time and an open mind.

    Mixed Experience So Far
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-30-2005
This has been my experience so far. I had one great date with a guy who, unfortunately, lives too far away. I was stood up once, and have exchanged some interesting e-mails. I plan on continuing through the end of the year because I do think you can meet someone on It's just a matter of putting the effort in and not getting discouraged if success doesn't happen immediately.

    Women Are Whores
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-30-2005
The women on are strictly looking for men with lots of cash. Most of the women are average-looking and they expect a guy to make 100+ a year before they'll even consider dating him. Match is no different than real life--women are basically whores. Too bad--they're too pampered and too greedy to find true romance, which is about giving, not taking.

    As Expected
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-30-2005
I got what I expected from Some dates turned out to be with very nice women. Some were even quite beautiful! Some were very boring, some exciting, but for the most part, very nice. It does not hurt that I am successful at a young 26 years of age, and have been blessed with good looks. But I think one must have reasonable expectations.

Reviewer: Anonymous       08-17-2005 should be ashamed of themselves! They are only after your money. After joining for "free," you will get an email from a fake person whom you can only contact by forking over money. If you try to peek at the fake person's profile, you will find that they cannot be found. This fake person will seem perfect for you, or at least interesting, but remember, they have made him/her up, and they will come up with a name but you cannot see their profile. When you go to email them back, will even tell you they are "online now", which is strange since they cannot find the profile!

    You Must Work At It
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-30-2005
You can get good results if you are willing to work at it--just like dating in the real world. You should be honest, but there's nothing wrong with highlighting your best features. You should accept rejection gracefully and not take it personally. You must have reasonable expectations. We all know--deep down--the kind of people that are likely to find us interesting and attractive. But most important, while waiting for that "right" person to wink or email, read the books, join the clubs, do the exercise, or pursue the many other activities that will make someone want to know you.

    members are dishonest
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-13-2005
The members on are dishonest.Many lie about their age. After several emails, I decided to meet one of the members for a drink. He stated in his profile he was 5'10". Guess what? We were eye-to-eye. I'm 5'4". Now, this may seem trivial, but this person also gave honesty high marks. Also, beware those who claim to be "athletic and toned." Perhaps in their face.

Reviewer: Anonymous       07-09-2005
I was very disappointed in Ultimately comes off as mostly a place to harmlessly flirt. I'd be surprised if any long-term relationships came about via

    Poor Site
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-01-2005
I believe the quality of people on this site is poor. I think is going for the lowest common denominator of applicants. It took days for them to review new photos. The questions they asked applicants to answer were less than insightful.

    I Found My Mate!
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-30-2005
I found my mate on the site and we are planning an October wedding! The site is fun and easy to navigate. I have two friends, one male and one female, who have also found love on I highly recommend it! You just have to be patient.

    Damaging to My Self Esteem
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-29-2005
YOu can forget it if you're not a GREAT looking guy. I have emailed over 20-30 girls with absolutely no replies. I thought I was an attractive guy, but has me questioning myself now. Pretty sad.

Reviewer: Anonymous       05-01-2005
I met my all time love at We've been together since 10/03 and it's the best relationship I've ever had. It took me a long time, but when God was ready for it to happen, it did. Back when I was doing the online dating thing, was probably my favorite site. Like anything else, you have to put your time in and go thru a lot of dates (some good, some bad) before you fine THE ONE. Have faith that God will deliver and He will...even if it's thru the online dating world!

    Met My Husband
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-11-2005
I met my husband of 3 years on in 1999. A friend of mine signed me up and I later paid for the service because I liked it so much and had fun. I met people I never would have had the opportunity to meet. I went on at least 25 dates with 18 or so different men and was just getting ready to cancel the membership after 6 months when my husband and I began writing and finally went on our first date. I don't know what it's like these days, but I'm grateful that I joined when I did.

    Forget It!
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-05-2005
I've tried several on-line dating services over the years, and this one is definitely the worst. Like most dating sites, looking for someone on-line is no better than going to a bar. People just look at other members pictures, and if they find them attractive, they will contact that person. And that's it. is the worst at this. At least at other sites I've tried (Matchmaker, Yahoo...), I at least get responses. But at, forget it!

    A Waste of Money
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-01-2005
I've tried several times over the years, and it has always been a waste of money. The matching criteria is very superficial and caters to a crowd that already dates enough so that they don't need Match. I'm one of those who has low self-esteeem and is introverted by nature, but I'm also a decent, intelligent, fun guy, and I seem to only attract the single moms and 400 lb'ers. The women I have dated from Match always tell me how many sleazy older lying guys there are on Match, so obviously Match is a breeding ground for these guys. Just wish there were a site for "decent shy people seeking other decent shy people."

    Dater Beware!
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-25-2005
This is what happened to me on In 4 months I met 4 men in person, two of whom lied about their marital status!Watch out for "Trango62". In addition to meeting men who lie, I had the joy of receiving emails from several men who just came across as desperate or creepy. My recommendation: Buyer beware when it comes to online dating. It's too easy for a guy to lie when sitting in the the comfort of his home, hidden behind a PC.

    A Positive Experience
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-03-2005
I'm 48, and I think this format works well for people my age. I am pretty ordinary looking and "fluffy." However I bravely posted my picture and, despite my looks, I received quite a few replies.
I did get a few "toads," but there were several men I met who were likeable but not compatible. Several others were compatible but not compatible enough. And now I found a man who suits me very well.
I liked the fact that I could limit contact to email for as long as I felt necessary; that I could hide my profile if someone was annoying; and that I had a lot of control over who I met and when.
The process was generally pretty enjoyable; I met people as soon as I was ready (once the same day I received a contact).And it was easy to screen out the scary guys.

    I quit!
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-01-2005
I feel great because I just quit It's like I escaped from quicksand sucking me down in every way.
The women on have the same kind of warped view of the opposite sex as a man who lives in a whorehouse.

Reviewer: Anonymous       02-12-2005 is fantastic. You have to be honest and read carefully, though. I received many emails from men who were nowhere near my age or height range but I just sent a polite "no thank you" and went on my merry way. Then I met the perfect man. Not only is he incredibly good-looking, he is everything I could have hoped for in a partner. He is respectful & a real gentleman. We've only been seeing each other a few weeks and we're already planning a trip together. I think that this may be the person I've always searched for. In short, give a chance. I was only on there for 2 weeks before finding my sunshine!

Reviewer: Anonymous       02-04-2005
This is a great website to meet friends or lovers. I met my current partner there, even though I never would consider myself a "personal ads" type person. You really get a good feel for what the other person is like. They ask good questions to base their matches on.

    Stay Away!
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-01-2005
I was a member of for only three days. I was clear that I was not interested in men with tattoos or motorcycles.
Within a day I had 4 responses from tattooed wonders with motorcycles in my mailbox! I guess these men can't read...

    Better Off At Clubs
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-30-2005
As a female, the ratio of men looking for 'just fun' plus guys who try to sell themselves as something they are not, out weigh those few nice guys! I tried to get away from the bar/club scene mess... but I am better off there! At least when I meet someone in person, I can tell something about them. Typing that you are 'awesome and well rounded' cannot tell me you are an "a-hole and shallow as hell". UGH!

    Positive Experience
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-30-2005
I found to be an incredibly positive experience. I used the service for a year and a half and while meeting many very interesting individuals, I learned a great deal about what type of individual truly suited me. Yes, it took 18 months to meet Mr. Right, but whether you meet in a bar, on a blind date or online, love doesn't happen overnight.

    I Met My Love
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-15-2004
I joined Match on a Thursday and met my match on Friday, After exchanging several emails, we had a 3 hour phone call. I went to her house the next day for a dinner, and we immediately hit it off. We had incredible chemistry, conversation, and common interests. After several weeks of dating, I decided to pop the question. She happily accepted and we are now planning our lives together. The 29 dollars I spent on was the best I ever spent. Thanks!

PS—We looked like our profiles, told the truth in describing ourselves, and we both understood the purpose of dating…to build the foundation of a relationship

Reviewer: Anonymous       09-26-2004
I was specific and honest on my profile. These are a description of my 4 dates. Number one was a 48 yr old man who was 60lbs overweight. He thought that a 40yr old woman should be a 20yr old hardbody. Number two was a 44 yr old man who was surprisingly shorter than I thought.The next guy was "looking for a special lady, with commitment to family, home and marriage." He turned out to be a guy who was a player and screwing half the county. On the first date he suggested a hotel room or the back of his truck. The fourth date was with a very depressed man who was a hypochondriac. I also had a stalker who was relentless and thought he was quite the detective. He shared with me personal information that he had illegally retrieved and thought this made him cute and clever.

    Positive Experience
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-13-2004
I like the selection of women on this site. There seem to be more photos here than on other sites, too.
I have tried a number of dating sites over the years and I have had the best luck on The site's relative superiority can be mostly attributed to its volume and stability. I am a middle aged man and I have also found that the male to female ratio is a little better on this site than some others. Of course, I haven't always developed something with the women I've met from this site, but I've found most of them to be women of reasonable quality.

    Great Site!
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-04-2004
My husband and I met on I think its a great site.

    Not much luck
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-30-2004
I've been using on & off for the past year. I've gone out on several dates and had a few relationships. None have lasted more than a month because most of the men are looking for some quick action and/or don't want a significant relationship. My most recent experience has caused me to take a break for now. I ended the relationship after several dates because the guy clearly wasn't interested in me. I asked all the questions and, on occasion, would compliment him. There was great chemistry but he only asked me two questions about myself during the whole time. He was extremely self absorbed and talked mostly about his work and ex. I think the only thing I can suggest to the men using the site, if you're not interested in a woman, don't keep asking her out and if you are, show some interest. Also, I might suggest to that they screen their members more carefully. There are a number of married men on the site.

    Beware Ladies
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-26-2004
It's either total dorks or horny losers. The guys are there just to get laid!

Reviewer: Anonymous       06-04-2004
This site has extremely poor customer service. they cut my membership off when I requested that they end my subsciption. I felt like my profile was in a dark corner. It was hard to use and understand.

    I Found My Wife
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-20-2004
I gave Match 5 stars not only because I found my wife there (married last November and life is fantastic!). You have hundreds and hundreds of people to look at. You can choose who to send and email to with and they choose to respond or not. You can limit your searches to people who post pictures, to people 10 years younger than you or 15 years older than you. It is up to you. I had many, many pleasant dates before I found my wife. Pictures were accurate for the most part.
I think match worked for me so well because I was honest in my profile and I took the time to write one that was true to me. Also I READ the other profiles. I read every single line and also the multiple choice options to see if it seemed like they were someone I would like and also someone who would like me. I NEVER sent out a canned email. I would always write an email which explained what attracted them to me. I found my wife probably after around meeting 40 to 50 people over a couple of years. If you are resilient it can be the most wonderful thing. If you expect it to work in a month...well it is a wonderful way to meet people not a miracle service.

    It's Sexist!
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-01-2004
The men want "girls" who are 10-30 years younger than they are.
They are fat & call themselves "average." Not one could even be considered mediocre in their looks. They are poor readers & will respond just because they like your photo. Those of us who rate in the top 1% in intelligence, looks, & achievment would do better by just hanging out rather than paying for!

    Not Thrilled
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-25-2004
I have found that most of the men at were not my type. Although I have a profile on there now, I don't like the fact that both members musthave a subscription in order to communicate. Plus I am finding that there are not a lot of men on there that I am attracted to in all aspects.

Reviewer: Anonymous       02-02-2004
If you are a non-paying member you cannot write emails. They also sensor your PRIVATE e-mail! I think that if you pay for a membership, non-members should be able to receive your e-mail address and write back.

    Save Your Money
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-30-2004
I've had a poor experience with I find it hard to meet men in the Bay Area. It seems like a lot of them are superficial and only care about dress size and income. I am no supermodel, but others consider me attractive. I am in my mid- 20's, in good shape, have tons of hobbies, am active, but have rarely received a response. A few men have responded, but they were way over the age I requested. I've also heard from a few perves. It's probably because I am not a white blonde that my responses were so few. I plan to cancel my membership. I get MUCH more response on Craigslist, which is FREE! Unless you are white and/or blonde, save your money.

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